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In the year 2022, the police department jobs is going to need plenty of personnel. In fact, it’s estimated that there will be a shortage of over 150,000 police officers in the country. If you want to join the ranks of law enforcement and become one of the front-line responders, here are some tips for you. First and foremost, you’ll need to have a valid license from your home country. Then, you’ll need to pass a rigorous physical exam and complete an advanced training program. And finally, you’ll need to pass the civil service examination. If you can meet all these requirements and more, then the police department is likely to welcome you with open arms. Good luck!

Police Department Jobs Requirements

Police departments in Pakistan are required to have a certain number of officers, depending on the size of the city. Each department is also required to have certain equipment, such as firearms and vehicles. The job requirements for a police officer in Pakistan vary depending on the police department, but most officers in Pakistan require a high school diploma or equivalent. Officers in Pakistan are also required to be registered with the government, undergo a physical examination, and pass a psychological test.

Police Officer Salary in Pakistan

The Pakistani police force is one of the largest in the world and it employs around two million individuals. The police officer salary in Pakistan varies depending on experience and rank, but the starting salary for a constable is usually around Rs 12,000 per month. As you gain experience and rank, your salary can increase significantly. For example, a superintendent of police typically earns around Rs 150,000 per month. There are also a number of benefits associated with being a police officer in Pakistan, including medical coverage and pension privileges.

Police Departments Jobs in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the police department is one of the most important institutions. The police department is responsible for maintaining public order and safety, investigating crimes, and providing security for critical infrastructure. There are currently about 190,000 police officers in Pakistan.

Police departments in Pakistan are typically organized into five branches: criminal investigation, traffic police, anti-terrorism force (ATAF), civil defense wing, and rural police. Each branch has its own responsibilities and duties. The criminal investigation branch is responsible for investigating crimes including homicide, kidnapping, terrorism-related incidents, and financial crimes. The traffic police branch is responsible for enforcing regulations related to traffic and transportation. The ATAF branch is responsible for responding to terrorist incidents and protecting critical infrastructure. The civil defense wing provides emergency response services such as firefighting and medical assistance. The rural police department patrols areas outside of major cities.

Police departments in Pakistan are often criticized for their poor performance. For example, the criminal investigation branch was unable to solve a high percentage of homicides during 2016. In addition, the traffic police branch has been known to use excessive force during investigations or operations. Police departments in Pakistan also face challenges with morale due to low pay and lack of benefits. However, despite these challenges, Pakistani police officers continue to provide excellent service to their country

Police Training in Pakistan

Pakistan is a country with a rich history and culture. The police department in Pakistan is one of the most important departments in the country because it oversees law enforcement. The police department offers many career opportunities for people who want to join the police force.

Joining the police force in Pakistan is not easy. Applicants must go through rigorous training that prepares them for the job. After completing their training, applicants must pass a test to be considered for a position on the police force.

The police department in Pakistan provides many opportunities for career growth and development. Police officers can work in different positions within the department, including as detectives, monitors, or assistant district directors. They also have the opportunity to work in other government agencies, such as immigration or customs officials.

Commissioned Officer vs Non-Commissioned Officer

In the Pakistani Police Force, there are three ranks of officers: commissioned officer, non-commissioned officer, and constable. The commissioned officer is the highest rank and is typically a graduate of a police academy. A non-commissioned officer is typically an experienced police officer who has been promoted from the ranks. A constable is the lowest rank and typically has no college education. The job duties of a police officer vary depending on the rank, but all officers are responsible for enforcing law and order, investigating crime, and protecting citizens.


With the increasing terrorist activity in Pakistan, the police department is facing an uphill battle in terms of recruitment. However, with the right qualifications and a good attitude, there are still many open positions within the police force. Here are some 2022 jobs for police officers in Pakistan that may be of interest to you: 1) Traffic Police Constable: This is a position that deals with traffic violations. 2) Crime Scene Investigator: This position investigates crimes such as theft and murder. 3) Forensic Scientist: This position analyses evidence to help solve criminal cases.

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