Latest Jobs Vacancies at Ministry Of Maritime Affairs Islamabad 2022.

Hello everyone, I hope all of you are doing well. In addition to wishing each and every one the best, today there is great news! Ministry Of Maritime governmental organization or company had announced its need for multiple different jobs throughout Pakistan. Jobs that are available to anybody with or without education qualifications – those looking for work have a huge opportunity before them. These jobs vary from only needing high school graduates up to master degrees because it’s going to be working for this specific governmental organization across their sectors under multiple headings. All individuals from any country would love these kinds of offers because it guarantees stability, potential wages as well as upward mobility opportunities while at it so please take care when reading this blog post or article in order not miss out on where these jobs were made public knowledge – who founded them and how people can apply in order to qualify themselves for these roles

Vacancy Detail

Ministry of Maritime Affairs is a government sector for public affairs located in Islamabad. This office has been established recently and permanently uses its services in Islamabad and throughout Pakistan as well. The Ministry needs qualified people to work there quickly and they are searching for eligible candidates to fill these positions. Students with relevant experience or background should contact them immediately because the Ministry will close applications soon due to a few vacancies. The Ministry grants anyone from all fields access so long as you apply before the closing date. There aren’t too many openings so be sure to contact them before it’s too late! These opportunities for employment were announced by the Pakistani Government for Ministry Of Maritime Affairs Islamabad. There are no other offices or organizations alike which are located in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. It was publicized in the various newspapers such as Dawn News Paper on Friday, September 23rd, 2022;

The organization called Ministry of Maritime Affairs, located in Islamabad offers many job opportunities- all of which are located in Pakistan. One has to visit the offices of Ministry of Maritime Affairs in order to find out what they’re looking for someone who is capable of doing their work- it depends on what type you are qualified for and where you would like to work at. Employment opportunities will be posted here on September 23rd, 2022

To apply for these vacant positions, one must have completed all the physical, educational and experience requirements of the government of federal. They are not just hiring anyone–the better educated someone is, the more likely they are to be selected. One can only apply when they meet all necessary qualifications for this job.

Vacancies are Vacant

Ministry of Maritime Affairs Islamabad is searching for applicants to fill Research Officer vacancies. There are one openings currently available.


Candidates should possess a BS or MS degree in relevant fields such as Public Administration, Statistics, Economics, Mathematics, and Sociology to be qualified for this position. Applicants with computer literacy are preferred but not required.

How to apply?

Those who are interested in applying for this open position can do so by downloading an application form from the website of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs Islamabad and submitting it to them at their designated office.

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